Thursday, July 9, 2009

MY Pincushion

I would love to have this Pincushion be the talk of the local Pincushion Club....

Grandmas Garden Pincushion

A Pincshion that any NaNa, Grandma, or GIGI would love tohave in her sewing room

Etsy Pincushion

Fun flower Pincushion that will add color and charm to any room...

Flower Garden Pincushion

I will be lististing new Pincushion on Etsy

Crazy for Pincushions

I make a velvet pincushion and the add a garden of flowers!!!

Gardern Pincushion

I LOVE sewing these Pincushions !! Sewing ribbon into flowersand leafs and adding bits of this and that....

Pincushion on Etsy

Pincuhsions I'm selling on Etsy under cynthyanderson